Sabtu, 27 September 2014

A Little New Step

Please, having lot of BIGGER dreams is a must !!!

Someday i was wondering about tomorrow. Time flies fast and i can’t wait and see what will i be tomorrow. Tomorrow i have to be a better person than today, i have to make my parents and myself proud to my achievements. Achievements those i have made from many many months ago (many semesters, maybe LOL), complete with the mission that i should done to reach it.

I have a lot of friends that can speak english fluently, have very good public speaking. Previously, i just thinking, “what is the benefit of that skill? Hmm, maybe i’ll get those skills day-by-day tomorrow, so i don’t have to confusing myself”. But now i realize that i must awake from that dream, terrific dream, exactly. Dream that never become true in this “brutal” real world.

So, today, 27 September 2014, i braved myself to take english course at L*A semarang. At 1 o’clock i headed a placement test with a little bit of knowledge and preparation, but i had some morale supplies. This morale supplies is the most important for me, because of my weakness, i always become nervous when i go to strange place with full of strange people. So, i always prepare this thing first.

OK, the first test was written test (including listening section, reading section, and many more). In this first test, all of the participant did it by themself silently. I was on “nomal-mode” in this first test, there is no problem. After 60 minutes ends, we started the second test, oral test / interview. Wow, my heartbeat was going fast, but i didn’t count it, i didn’t have much time to it. All in my head was, “Sang, you have to take ‘the-morale-potion’, you have to stabilize your mind, calm down... The interviewer just want to know a little bit of you, nothing more. You have the answer, easy boy”.

Kinda "unlimited booster-potion"

Five people pershift, i got the first shift. There was 3 girls (truely, they have younger face than me) and a boy (this boy is my colleague at Electrical Engineering ’11, Akbar Satria Wardana). I got the first turn to introduce myself and that was good, i still could control my head. I could speak gently. Then, the second until the last person had introduced them self. But the real thing was these girls has better skill than mine, ohhhh... i was so depressed.

I am a 7th semester student, and they are in 5th and 3rd now. I wasn’t SHY, but DISAPPOINTED to myself. I wasn’t shy because of my age, that older than theirs, but disappointed because WHY, WHY I DIDN’T START TO LEARN THIS FROM EARLY ?!?! How stupid i am.

But, nevertheless, i have started “A Little New Step”. Step that triggered another steps to reach my visions through my missions. Sorry about my bad english, but i promise to myself to stay awake, to keep learn and learn from today and yesterday. For a better-tomorrow. And maybe i’m going to laugh at this first posting in bad-english because of my better knowledge and morale next day, I WILL !!! 


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